Florida Property Claims Lawyers for Insurers Across the Sunshine State

Rubinton || Simms, P.A., offers insurance companies the best of both worlds: we are a mid-size firm with the resources and ability that often comes with a larger firm and the efficiency and personalized services of a boutique operation.

Our lawyers assist insurers with residential property claims throughout South Florida and across the state. Whether you are looking to navigate claims investigation and handling issues, trying to determine whether a claim is fraudulent, or facing bad faith or class action litigation, we will work tirelessly to help you resolve the matter efficiently and on optimal terms.

Our lawyers combine more than six decades of legal experience and a track record of success for insurance companies and other clients. We are pleased to be able to work with local community businesses.

Pre-Suit Investigations

At Rubinton || Simms, P.A., we provide comprehensive claims investigation services to insurance clients. Our attorneys understand that the investigation stage can make or break a case.

An effective investigation can nip a lawsuit in the bud, avoiding the time and cost that can come with lengthy, drawn-out litigation. This is the point where valid claims can be verified, and fraudulent claims can be identified and weeded out.

These investigations aim to determine the scope of the potential coverage under an insurance policy and the value of any loss. We determine what happened to or on the property insured, the damage caused, and whether the relevant insurance policy covers it. We answer these questions by gathering all available evidence, analyzing the policy, and applying the current law.

Our lawyers understand that communication is key to an effective pre-suit investigation. We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and objectives and ensure that our clients are kept fully to speed with the investigative process.

Claims Handling

Deftly handling an insurance claim means fully understanding the scope and terms of a policy and applying it accurately to determine whether a claim is covered and its value.

At Rubinton || Simms, P.A. we handle a wide range of residential property insurance claims, including:

  • Property damage
  • Construction defects
  • Catastrophic loss
  • Fire damage
  • Hurricane claims
  • Flood damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Mold
  • Sinkholes
  • Vandalism and mischief
  • Burglary
  • Premises liability

Our lawyers advise on insurance coverage questions from the commonplace to the complex. We also work with clients on policy interpretation, coverage, and exception questions. In addition, we provide comprehensive claims analyses and opinions, which we are prepared to defend in arbitration and litigation as needed.

In complex cases, it is vital for insurers to seek legal advice early in the process. Therefore, we consult insurers from the initial stages of a claim review all the way through litigation, when needed.


At Rubinton || Simms, P.A. we pride ourselves on being proactive in consulting a full breadth of insurance company clients on policy, coverage, and other issues.

We regularly review policies and related documents on the front end and advise clients on avoiding particular risks and exposure farther down the road. Our attorneys also evaluate insurers’ claims handling systems and processes to ensure that legal risks are minimized. We counsel clients on the design and implementation of new claims practices and procedures and represent them in disputes with vendors when they arise.

Claim Litigation (Daily and Catastrophic)

Some claims that cannot be resolved must go to court. Rubinton || Simms, P.A. handles national and state class actions and individual lawsuits over claims decisions, practices, and procedures.

Our attorneys work aggressively on behalf of clients to fight speculative, unwarranted, and even fraudulent claims in front of judges and juries. That includes conducting examinations under oath and claim appraisals, mediations, arbitrations, trials, and appeals.

We are seasoned litigators who guide clients through the litigation process with experience and personal attention. Our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a litigation strategy to limit exposure and bring cases to a close as soon as possible on optimal terms.

We understand the time, cost, and burden that can come with being embroiled in litigation. That is why we work diligently to get cases resolved early through dismissal, declaratory judgment, or summary judgment.

Our attorneys are Florida-based litigators who know the state and federal courts and understand what judges and juries often look for in claim dispute cases. We are also experienced negotiators with a strong track record of successfully resolving disputes through settlement. Our firm has also had success handling matters through alternatives to traditional litigation, like mediation and arbitration.

Coverage Opinions

Even the most straightforward insurance policy whose terms have been fully vetted by an attorney may be the subject of questions and disputes over its scope. A coverage opinion is a lawyer’s determination about whether a particular policy covers a certain event.

At Rubinton || Simms, P.A., we provide detailed coverage opinions to insurers to apply the policy to the specific situation, reviewing both the documents and the evidence obtained as part of the claim investigation. We are frequently asked to interpret terms and forms and resolve questions like whether a particular person qualifies as a “resident” of a home or a “family member” under a particular policy.

Claims opinions are an essential tool for insurers for several reasons. They allow the company to seek an outside view from a seasoned attorney on whether a particular claim is covered. In addition, in the event that a coverage dispute cannot be resolved and goes to court, the opinion often forms the basis for an insurer’s defense to claims for coverage or bad faith.

The opinions also show that an insurer is doing the right thing by determining coverage rather than simply rejecting a claim outright. Our lawyers can help you make a reasoned and fair decision about coverage based on our understanding of the law and the facts of the particular situation.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that insurance fraud, not including healthcare, costs insurers across the country some $40 billion per year. In addition, these scams result in $400 to $700 in additional costs for U.S. families due to increased premiums.

Fraud Special Investigative Units provide a vital service for insurers, probing claims that have been flagged as potentially fraudulent. Our attorneys work closely with SIUs to assist in reviewing claims, analyzing whether they are valid, and taking action against fraudsters.

Some of the most common fraud cases we see in residential property claims include:

  • False claims and those involving deceptive information
  • Submitting false information on an insurance application
  • Inflating the cost of property damage
  • Purposeful property damage in order to file a claim
  • Staging a burglary or theft
  • Working with a contractor or repair person to jack up the cost of repairs

Roof claims are a particularly common source of fraud in Florida, where hurricanes and other severe weather can wreak havoc on homes. Unfortunately, some homeowners take advantage of these storms to file baseless or inflated insurance claims. Our attorneys understand what to look for in these claims and know how to clearly and convincingly prove that false claims are fraudulent.

Our lawyers are committed to assisting insurers in the review, analysis, and litigation of fraudulent claims. We work aggressively to go after those who try to dupe insurers, ensuring that fraudsters are made accountable and that our clients are compensated for the harm caused.

Bad Faith and Class Actions

In addition to fighting individual claim disputes in court, our litigators are pleased to provide comprehensive defense services in bad faith and class action cases. We have extensive experience litigating these cases and a strong track record of resolving them efficiently and effectively.

Recent changes to Florida law are designed to limit bad faith, class action, and other property insurance litigation. The changes include a variety of pre-suit notice requirements and some limits on the attorney fees that can be awarded in these cases.

Still, the risk of a bad faith or class action lawsuit looms large for insurers in the Sunshine State.

These cases often come with great demands for money damages that can significantly impact an insurer’s operations if not successfully defended. Therefore, it is vital to have a seasoned litigator in your corner.

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